closed circuit rebreather

John Liang 5 months ago

Garmin has issued a software update that adds closed circuit rebreather (CCR) support to the…

John Liang 7 months ago

Are you an experienced rebreather/trimix diver with a hankering to check out deep dive sites…

Rosemary E Lunn 2 years ago

Oxygen sensors, like sharks, have suffered from some bad PR. There's quite a lot of…

John Liang 3 years ago

Remember back in June when reported on a group of dive resorts around the… DEMA Team 4 years ago

Hollis's Explorer rebreather has created a unique place in the market. Tad Masek, Senior Design…

John Griffith 4 years ago

iQsub, the Czech Republic-based manufacturer of expedition-grade rebreathers, has introduced their X-CCR at DEMA Show…

Stephan Whelan 4 years ago

A conceptual design for a helmet based Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) has surfaced online called…

John Liang 4 years ago

For two days later this month, Tekdeep UK will be demonstrating the benefits of rebreathers,…