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2012 AIDA World Championship Website

This year AIDA will celebrate its 20-year anniversary so it is only fitting that France - the country where it was founded - will...

Freediving-Phillipines Announces Competition

On March 31st for the first time ever Freediving-Philippines is organizing a national Freediving competition in the Philippines. Freedivers from the archipelago and from...

AIDA International Announce New Freediving Competition Results Tool

AIDA International, the International Freediving Federation, has finally publicly launched their Freediving Competition Results Tool. With the launch of the tool every Competition Organizer or...

9th Anniversary for Performance Freediving International Competition

Performance Freediving International has released the new dates for its ninth annual freediving competition, Deja Blue.  Held in the idyllic blue waters of the Cayman Islands, PFI...

Vertical Blue Announces an “Open Event” for 2012

Vertical Blue has established itself as one of the world's premiere freediving competitions boasting:        - more records (18 world records and 110 national records at its last four events)        - more...

Diver on a leash?

World Champion William Trubridge offers his point of view on why he believes competitive freedivers should not be tethered to depth lines via a lanyard and how the counterballast system could be incorporated into certain events.

Gear Review: The DOL-Fin Orca

DeeperBlue.com's favorite inventor Eric Fattah, takes us on a step-by-step review of the latest apparatus for freedivers: the freediving hydrofoil monofin. A previous World Record holder and active athlete himself, Eric makes the perfect foil to test the DOL-fin Orca.

Omer 5th Annual Hatteras Blue Water Open

Correspondent John Liang covered the 2006 Omer 5th Annual Hatteras Blue Water Open. He spent the first full day of the tournament out on the Gulf Stream aboard the sportfishing vessel "Runaway", and filed this report.

Berlin 2005

New Contributor and Greek Team Captain Panos reports on the Berlin 2005 Competition

The 5th Manazuru Constant Ballast Contest

From the Land of the Diving Sons (and Daughters)

A Process Of Elimination

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik returns to look at the future of the Sport

Worlds 2004: Day 4 (Preview)

Stephan brings you a preview of what might be happening on the first day of the Constant Weight section of the Competition

Safety in Cyprus

Staff Writer and Cyprus Competitor Sam Kirby takes a look at safety in our last article on the Sony FreeDiver Classic Open 2003

We???re talking World Record here — Part IV

Writer Perry Gladstone concludes his daily diary from the CAFA Nationals where Mandy-Rae's attempted a World Record
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