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[VIDEO] Suunto Vertical Blue 2013

This week's video is by the inspiring and talented Daan Verhoeven who shot and edited this video taken from the Suunto Vertical Blue 2013 Freediving...

[VIDEO] Siren or the Sea

This week's video is another awesome video by Daan Verhoeven, this time shot in the NDAC in the UK.  Featuring freedivers Beci Ryan, Georgina Miller and Liv...

[VIDEO] Freediving and Freerunning

This week's video is another video by super talented Daan Verhoeven.  Filmed at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, UK - Daan...

BT Sports Launches New Show Featuring British Freediver Liv Philip

BT Sports, in the UK, launched a new tv show -- BT Sports Panel -- which broadcasts live every weekend from  9:30-11:30am on Saturdays. The first show featured a hometown girl...

AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships 2013 – The Underwater Gallery

The second of our two Photo Galleries from the AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships 2013 in Belgrade.  This gallery comes from underwater photographer and...

[VIDEO] Watch Goran Colak and Natalia Molchanova Set New World Records!

Freediving Photographer and Videographer Daan Verhoeven has shared some of his videos from the AIDA Pool World Championships 2013.  You can see the amazing...

AIDA “People’s Choice” Award Winners Announced

AIDA International have announced the winners of the 2012 Suunto sponsored "People's Choice" award. Freedivers from across the globe have cast their votes for...

[VIDEO] Suunto Vertical Blue 2012 – a Beautiful World

The very talented photographer Daan Verhoeven has released a video, which you can see below, that showcases some of the fantastic visuals from the...
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