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DAN Seeks Community Donations For Its Work on Behalf of Divers

With this week's international giving efforts well underway, the Divers Alert Network is now accepting donations to the nonprofit DAN Foundation.

DAN Highlights Portable First Aid Kits at DEMA Show 2019

The Divers Alert Network’s Rescue Pack Extended Plus is portable with a retractable handle and wheeled design for rapid deployment, more lightweight and compact than some of the larger kits.

DAN Unveils New Air Quality, Dive Boat Safety E-Learning Courses

The Divers Alert Network recently released two new e-learning courses for dive professionals, boat operators and anyone interested in learning more about safe diving practices.

DAN Sets Up Fund for Families of Conception Victims

The Divers Alert Network has set up a web page to accept donations for families who lost loved ones in the Conception tragedy.

Dr. Jens-Christian Meiners Receives DAN Research Grant

The Divers Alert Network has announced that Dr. Jens-Christian Meiners has been awarded the 2019 DAN/R.W. Hamilton Dive Medicine Research Grant.

DAN Encouraging Divers To Enjoy Lobster Mini Season Safely

With Florida's Spiny Lobster Sport Season ("mini season") only two weeks away, the Divers Alert Network recently circulated some tips on how to safely hunt these underwater critters.

DAN Helps Pros Choose Liability Insurance With A Host Of Resources

The Divers Alert Network is now offering a host of online resources that dive professionals can use to make the right decision when choosing or renewing their liability insurance.

DAN Showcases Importance Of Monitoring ‘Turn Pressure’

In a recent Instagram post, the Divers Alert Network sent a gentle reminder to the diving community about the importance of monitoring your turn pressure.

David Wilkinson Named 2019 DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year

The Divers Alert Network and Rolex announced that Dr. David Wilkinson has been selected as the 2019 DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year.

DAN Announces Its Four Summer Interns

The Divers Alert Network has announced its latest summer interns, who will get to spend three months at DAN headquarters in Durham, North Carolina.

DAN Announces The ‘Bill’ Hamilton Dive Medicine Research Grant

In memory of the legendary Dr. R.W. "Bill" Hamilton who passed away in 2011, the Divers Alert Network has announced a US$10,000 research grant.

DAN Standardizes Global First Aid Training Programs

The Divers Alert Network is aiming to standardize its global first aid training programs.

Beneath The Sea Diver Of The Year Announced

DAN Board Chairwoman Kathy Weydig has been named Diver of the Year by Beneath The Sea.

DAN Announces Craig Cook As A New Board Member

The Divers Alert Network has announced that Craig Cook M.D. has joined its board of directors.
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