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Decompression and Freediving – What Are The Real Risks?

Learn the risks of getting decompression sickness while freediving, and how to prevent it.

Hard Lesson: British National Champion Relays Story Of DCS Hit Whilst...

If you're a competitive freediver or spearo who likes to hunt in deep water, British National Freediving Champion Michael Board recently learned a hard lesson about making sure you've got a good support team and easy access to a decompression chamber if you get bent.

DAN Announces The ‘Bill’ Hamilton Dive Medicine Research Grant

In memory of the legendary Dr. R.W. "Bill" Hamilton who passed away in 2011, the Divers Alert Network has announced a US$10,000 research grant.

A Honduran Doctor Has Developed Some Fairly Radical Ways Of Treating...

Honduran Dr. Elmer Mejia has successfully treated thousands of cases of Moskito Indians with severe decompression illness including exceptional paralysis and incontinence.

England’s National Health Service Could Reduce The Number Of Hyperbaric Chambers

The number of hyperbaric chambers in England could be reduced from 10 to eight.

British Healthcare Company Conducting ‘Flying After Diving’ Survey

If you live in the UK and tend to do most of your diving outside of the country, DDRC Healthcare is conducting an anonymous...

Can You Mix Scuba Diving & Freediving?

We talk to experts on whether you can mix Scuba Diving & Freediving

Decompression Sickness Booklet Added To DAN’s Health & Diving Reference Series

Divers Alert Network has added its Decompression Sickness Booklet to the agency's Health & Diving Reference Series. The new 40-page booklet "covers information including diagnosing...
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