Sunday, January 17, 2021
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DEMA Board of Directors Voting Is Now Open

If you're in the dive industry and like what DEMA does to promote it, voting is now open for DEMA's 2021-2023 board of directors cycle.

DEMA Opposes Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Shark Feeding Ban

DEMA has opposed a move by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) to ban all shark feeding.

Voting Now Open For 2020 DEMA Wave Makers Awards

Voting is now open for the 2020 DEMA Wave Makers Awards.

Cylinder Visual Inspection Training Reminder

The folks at PSC-PCI have issued a reminder to the industry that visual inspection of dive tanks requires formal, function-specific training.

DEMA Show Online Registration and Sales Now Open

Registration for the 2020 DEMA Show Online is now open.

DEMA Board of Directors Candidacy Now Open

DEMA announced recently that a candidacy for the 2021-2023 Board of Directors cycle is now open.

DEMA Launches Retail Reopening Guidelines

DEMA has launched guides to help dive businesses reopen in the post-COVID-19 economy.

DEMA Reaching Out Award Nominations Deadline Extended

DEMA has extended the nominations deadline for its Reaching Out Award.

DEMA Seeking Reaching Out Award Nominees

Know someone in the diving industry who's done something truly new and unique recently and deserves attention? The folks at the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association want to hear about it.

The Coral Restoration Foundation is Helping Reefs Bounce Back Through Conscious Cultivation

The Coral Restoration Foundation isn't just working to conserve and protect Florida reefs, they're actively helping them bounce back.

Say ‘Halo’ to the Shark Angels, Protectors of the Predators

Shark Angels defend the oceans through the protection of sharks.

The New Mammalz Media Platform Offers Technical Tools to Connect Us to the Natural World

Now in beta, Mammalz is making it easier than ever to post and share content that reconnects people with nature.

Mermaid Protector Wetsuits are Neoprene-Free and Just as Unique as You Are

Mermaid Protector's neoprene-free suits could save your skin -- but you'd better grab 'em fast before they swim away!

Get Up Close and Personal In Biodiversity Heaven on the M/V Galapagos Sky

The M/V Galapagos Sky and her dedicated crew can make your Galapagos dreams come true!