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Get Wreck'd at DEMA 2003

Read about the diving you can take advantage of whilst visiting DEMA in Miami

Top 10 Reasons To Attend DEMA Show 2003

Don't Miss the Diving Event of the Year. Important reasons why YOU need to be in Miami for the DEMA Show in October

DEMA 2003 Coverage – Introduction

Stephan talks over the exciting coverage of the show and celebrities on the DeeperBlue.net stand

DEMA 2002 report from a freediving perspective

Freediving Editor Cliff Etzel starts off with the first days report of DEMA from a Freediving point of view

DEMA 2002 Report: Setting The Scene

Stephan provides his thoughts and introductions on the first day of the DEMA Dive Show in Las Vegas.

The DEMA 2002 Show – Introduction

Publisher Stephan kicks off our DEMA 2002 coverage with an introduction to who, what, where and why DEMA.
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