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Earth is Blue: NMSF Stands up for Sanctuaries at DEMA

Learn why all divers should #standupforsanctuaries

Spearfishing Tourneys Join Forces to Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Diving For a Cause (DFAC), is a charitable organization run by spearfisherwomen (and men) who share their catch and unique skills with those in need. Every year...

Dehydration Doldrums

A Diver experiences an object lesson in ignoring thewarning signs his body raised.

No Fish Tale

If You Eat Fish It's Good to Know About Ciguatera ??? Before You Get Sick

Wreck Dive Rescue

DAN continues their regular column with a stirring story of how a routine wreck dive became everything but ordinary

Deep Thoughts

In our regular DAN series of article we take a Quick Look at the Make-Up of Nitrogen Narcosis

Psychological Issues in Diving (Part III)

In this last part of the article series by DAN we discuss Schizophrenia, Marijuana and Alcohol Use and how it impacts diving

Psychological Issues in Diving (Part II)

The second part of the article series by DAN we look at anxieties, phobias, panic and narcolepsy and how it impacts on Diving

Managing Jet Lag. . . Before It Manages You!

DAN looks at the universally experienced effects of Jet Lag and deals with how to minimise them
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