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KUBI Packaging To Be 100 Percent Plastic-Free

KUBI Dry Glove Systems announced today that by July 1st, all of its products would be packaged 100-percent plastic-free.

Fourth Element Unveils Updated Xerotherm Drysuit Base Layer

First Element recently unveiled its updated Xerotherm base layer with new men's and women's sizes.

Waterproof’s EX2 Drysuit Available In December

The new Waterproof EX2 dry suit will be available mid December.

Fourth Element Introduces The X-Core Thermal Vest

Fourth Element introduces its warmest undergarment the X-CORE

Lavacore Has a Message for You: Lavacore = Pinnacle

The Pinnacle=Lavacore connection creates the most extensive thermal protection line on the planet.

Fourth Element Launches Argonaut Stealth Drysuit

If you are in the market for a new drysuit one of the top choices to date was the Fourth Element Argonaut, that is until now...

Diving Unlimited International: What’s Hot?

A natural progression that is on the mind of every drysuit diver is warmth. It must be to make such a big financial leap...

SI TECH Launches New Inner Drysuit Glove

Frequent cold-water divers know that keeping the extremities warm inside their drysuits is really important.To that end, Swedish company SI TECH has launched a...

KUBI Now Offering Smaller-Sized Dry Glove Systems

If cold-water, drysuit diving really gets your juices flowing, but your wrist size might be on the thinner side, KUBI Dry Glove Systems might...

Tell Your Drysuit Story, Win A BARE X-Mission Drysuit

The folks at BARE are offering a free X-Mission Drysuit (valued at US$2,799/2,508 Euros) for the best testimonial on the company’s products.For a chance...

Keeping the Chill Out – Exposure Suit Basics

Everyone likes to “chill” after a dive but it is not so great getting chilled during the dive. Water cools the body much faster...

BARE Upgrades D6 Pro Drysuit

If you're a fan of BARE's D6 Pro Drysuit and it's beginning to see some wear, it might be time to upgrade.BARE announced recently...

DUI Unveils New Drysuit Design App

Ever wanted more of a direct hand in designing your own, perfect drysuit?Well, Diving Unlimited International has developed a smartphone app enabling divers to...

KUBI Dry Glove Systems provides ‘click and go’ simplicity

DeeperBlue.com spoke to Peter Wilson of KUBI Dry Glove Systems about an exciting evolution in dry suit gloves.Manufactured in the Slovak Republic, these aircraft-grade...
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