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Iconic SETT Diving Tank Closing

The iconic Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT) which has served as a major freediving training facility -- in addition to its primary role of training British submariners how to escape from a sunken submarine -- is closing down this year.

World Class Freediving Line Up For GO Diving Show

The brand new GO Diving Show in the UK has a world class line up of Freediving speakers

Emma Farrell The Latest Guest On Freedive Cafe Podcast

The Freedive Cafe podcast's latest guest is freediving and yoga expert Emma Farrell.

Last Minute Spaces Available On Red Sea Freediving & Yoga Liveaboard

Join freediving and yoga expert Emma Farrell on the latest Red Sea liveaboard

UK Freedivers Invited To GoFreediving Open Day And Summer Party

It's scorching hot in the UK at the moment and virtually everyone is trying to cool off.  Emma Farrell and her Go Freediving team...

You Can Help Fund The Build Of Worlds Deepest Pool

We've heard before about the ambition to build the world's largest and deepest pool in the UK called the "Blue Abyss".  Now imagine helping...

GoFreediving Switches To Teaching RAID International Freediving Courses

UK-based GoFreediving Head Instructor Emma Farrell recently announced her company would primarily teach RAID International freediving courses from 2015 onwards.  Emma is now a...

RAID Freediving Brings On Board Top UK Instructor Trainer

RAID, the innovative online diving agency, has brought on Emma Farrell as one of it's Freediving Instructor Trainers.  Emma, through her company Go Freediving,...

Emma Farrell To Give Freediving Lecture At Top UK University

Emma Farrell, UK based GoFreediving's Head Instructor and author of  One Breath - a Reflection on Freediving, is giving a free public lecture at...

UK Freedivers Gather for Summer Party with GoFreediving

UK Freedivers get a chance to enjoy the stunning weather, enjoy some Freediving sessions, a chance to try out £7,000 underwater scooters and socialize...

Emma Farrell teams up with Scuba Travel for Freediving Liveaboard Holidays

Emma Farrell - one of the world's leading Freediving Instructors, author of the stunning book One Breath and DeeperBlue.com contributor has teamed up with...

Exclusive interview with TV’s Hidden Talent Freediver Roxanne Messenger

DeeperBlue.com exclusive interview with the winning freediver from the TV show Hidden Talent, Roxanne Messenger

Finding a ‘Hidden Talent’ for freediving

How do you take people off the street and find out if they have a hidden talent for Freediving. Emma takes us through her process in preparation for TV program Hidden Talent.

UK TV Show explores Freediving in “Hidden Talent”

http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&isUI=1 Channel 4 in the UK are showing a brand new prime time TV Show called Hidden Talent that takes people with no prior experience...
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