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Clean Up The Seas With Fourth Element’s New Ocean Debris Bag

Fourth Element recently unveiled a new, compact Ocean Debris Bag that you can bring with you on your next dive.

Fourth Element Launches New OceanPositive Hydro-T Rashguards

Fourth Element has launched their loose-fitting OceanPositive Hydro-T rashguards.

aquaCORPS Celebrates 30th Anniversary At DEMA Show

DeeperBlue.com hosted aquaCORPS Technical Diving Magazine’s 30th Anniversary party at our DEMA Show 2019 booth, supported by Global Underwater Explorers, Dive Rite and Fourth Element.

Fourth Element Turn Up The Heat With New HALO AR Undersuit

Fourth Element revealed a new undercut, the HALO AR, at DEMA Show on Wednesday.

Fourth Element Unveils Their New Range Of Recreational Freediving Wetsuits

Fourth Element are showcasing their new freediving range of wetsuits at DEMA Show 2019.

Fourth Element Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Fourth Element is releasing a new line of t-shirts to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

New Film Featuring Female Cave Divers Released

Cave diving isn't a male-only pursuit, and a new short film featuring two top female cave divers was released this week, aiming to show just that.

Fourth Element Unveils New Ellipse Dry Glove System

If you're a cold-water diver and are looking for something that seals your drygloves to your drysuit, the folks at Fourth Element may have just the thing.

Fourth Element Announces Its Summer Life 19 Collection

Fourth Element has announced the launch of its Summer Life 19 Collection of 'OceanPositive' apparel.

PADI’s Mission 2020 Pledge: To Make A Positive Change

PADI has released its own Mission 2020 pledge, aiming to be a force for good.

Fourth Element Unveils ‘Gulper’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Fourth Element recently introduced its "Gulper" stainless steel water bottle.

Fourth Element Showcases New ‘Ocean Positive’ Products

Fourth Element has forged a reputation for their environmentally conscious products that combine sustainable materials with cutting-edge performance.

Fourth Element Unveils Storm All-Weather Poncho

Fourth Element recently unveiled the Storm all-weather poncho.

Fourth Element Mission 2020 Needs Your Pledge

Fourth Element’s Mission 2020 is seeking participants to pledge to make a change.
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