Monday, October 19, 2020
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Sleeping Among Sharks, Airbnb-style

You know those sleep-overs aquariums do from time to time for kids to learn about the ocean's inhabitants? Well, Airbnb is offering a lucky few...

Unique Underwater Photo Exhibition Launches At Nemo33

Belgian Freediver and Underwater Photographer Fred Buyle has launched a truly unique exhibition of his beautiful Underwater Photography at Nemo33. Opened on the 19th February...

New Freediving Desktop Images Released

Freediving Photographer, Cameraman and Conservationist Fred Buyle has released his annual images formatted to look great on your Mac or PC Desktop. You download the...

IMAX Goes Freediving with Winram, Buyle and Great Whites

Renowned breath-hold photographer Fred Buyle and his Canadian freediving partner-in-crime William Winram have tagged their fair share of sharks for science research. Now they're...

Never Freedive Alone

This week we've heard the sad story of the missing California woman who was Freediving alone near Los Angeles, USA. Although new reports raise suspicion...

Freedivers launch safety awareness website

Freedivers Fred Buyle and Pierre Lambreth have launched a website dedicated to increasing the awareness of buddy diving in Freediving.  The website -




National Parks and NOAA Marine Debris Team Up

The National Park System and the NOAA Marine Debris Program have announced a partnership to increase outreach and awareness.

Preserve A Loved One’s Memory With A Reef

You can now remember a lost loved one with a memorial reef in the ocean.

How To Become a Mermaid

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - How To Become a Mermaid

Zen Vibes

Check out our latest Photo of the Week - Zen Vibes

Diverse Travel Adds Croatia To Its Program

Diverse Travel has added Croatia to its 2021 dive holiday destination list.


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