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On the Road to Hawaii: Part 3

The final part in Perry Gladstone???s adventures at the Pacific Cup of Freediving.

Patrick Musimu Sets New AIDA Variable Ballast Record

On November 10, 2002 at 10:31 am, Free diver Patrick Musimu, triple world record holder from Belgium, broke the variable weight category free dive...

International Press investigate Audrey Mestre's Death

Time Magazine's November 18, 2002 issue was published this week with a story on the death of french FreeDiver Audrey Mestre. This is the...

Profile Series: The Deepest Bear

In a new addition to the Profile Series, Publisher Stephan Whelan takes some time to talk to the worlds smallest Freediver - The Deepest Bear

Sebastien Murat Interview: Part two

Contributor Peter Scott concludes his two part interview with Sebastien Murat.

Pacific Cup of Freediving: Static Apnea

Staff writer Perry Gladstone reports on the Static Apnea competition at the 2002 Pacific Cup.

Sebastien Murat Interview

Contributor Peter Scott gets a chance to interview freediver Sebastian Murat in the first of this two part series

Topi sets a new World Record

On Saturday 2nd of November 2002 Andora (Italy)??a finnish freediver TOPI LINTUKANGAS has set a new world record on freediving in ??unassisted constant ballast??category...

Pacific Cup of Freediving ??? Initial Report, Constant Ballast

After two days of competition between 19 countries, the Pacific Cup of Freediving is hitting its stride.

New attempt for FREE Constant Weight

Saturday 2nd of November 2002 Andora (Italy) finnish freediver will be attempting a new world record on Unassisted Constant Ballast freediving gategory (verified by...

Loic LeFerme achieves 162m in No Limits

Loic LeFerme today set anew AIDA World Record for No-Limits FreeDiving. He achieved 162m in 3 minutes 36 seconds. DeeperBlue.net congratulate Loic on his safe...

Loic LeFerme postpones No-Limits attempt

Loic LeFerme, the French No-Limits Freediver based in Nice was due to be making a bid for the AIDA World Record in No-Limits to...

Pipin and Audrey's family return home

Pipin Ferreras returned home to Miami late yesterday from the Dominican Republic, accompanied by Audrey's family. Broadcast media crews were waiting at the airport...

Funeral arrangements have been set for freediver Audrey Mestre

As posted in the October 16th edition of the Miami Herald: ...According to Eddy Matos, the Dominican representative of the IAFD, (Audrey) Mestre will be...
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