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Beginners Training for Freediving

Cliff introduces some basic techniques to start training for Freediving.

The Physiology & Psychology of Freediving

Freediving is more than a sport - it is an art and a discipline. Cliff helps you understand the strains it puts on your body and mind.

Near World Record Tuna off of the Oregon Coast.

Freediver John Cheesman, who is an avid Freediver and Spearfisher in the Pacific Northwest, recounts for our Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, the challanges and experience of pursuing the elusive tuna.

How to keep from freezing your tail off

The variation of wetsuits out there is enormous. Cliff takes you on a journey to discover what is best.

From the Middle of the Boat – It's Not Just a...

Ever wondered what it is like to be a supporting player at a Freediving Record attempt? Marnie gives the low-down.

Weight Training for Freediving

We dispense advice on how to apply weight training that is beneficial for Freedivers.

Profile Series: Deborah Andollo

Veteran Cuban Freediver, Deborah Andollo responds to our Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, in our continuing Profiles Series.
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