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Deep Diving Stories

Eric tells his story of his Personal Best on September 17.


Powerlung is a device that helps train you lungs. Cliff got the opporunity to review one, here are his thoughts.

Freediving – One of Today's Fastest Growing Sports!

Dan gives an introduction to Freediving, one of the world's fastest growing sports.

An Argument for a Unified Standard

Cliff presents a case for why Record Certifying Agencies should begin to Unify.

Pete's Turkish Dive Diary (Days 7 & 8)

Pete finishes off his diary on Yasemin's World Record Attempt.

Pete's Turkish Dive Diary (Days 4-6)

Pete continues his diary on Yasemin's World Record Attempt.

Pete's Turkish Dive Diary (Days 1-3)

Pete had a ring-side view of Yasemin during her World Record Attempt. Deeper Blue got the exclusive diary!

Brett Lemasters' World Record Dive

Cayman resident Dan tells the story of Brett Lemasters' World Record Dive.

IANTD Free Diving Training Programs

IANTD and Divetech in the Cayman's now teach Freediving courses. Read about it here!

Phil Colla

Cliff Etzel interviews underwater image maker, Phil Colla.

Where have you been?

Cliff feels empowered to bring back the Freediving Internet Magazine.

Julanne Lum

Cliff Etzel interviews Julanne Lum.

Esclapez…a no compromise philosophy

Esclapez, the French Manufacturer fo Freedivign equipment, has it's history and line reviewed by Cliff.

Diver Down – a True Adventure

Mike tells his tale of Freediving and Decompression Sickness (DCS). An eye-opening experience.
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