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[PHOTO] FINtastic

Welcome to this weeks Photo Of The Week.

[VIDEO] Lost In Paradise

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - Lost In Paradise

Scottish Freediver, Shutterbug Janeanne Gilchrist Unveils Underwater Photography Exhibit

Scottish freediver and underwater shutterbug Janeanne Gilchrist has a new photography exhibit at a gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland

[PHOTO] Chasing Fish

Welcome to this weeks Photo Of The Week.

Upcoming Avatar 2 Movie Cast Being Trained To Freedive

The cast of 'Avatar 2' was trained to freedive for many of the underwater scenes.

Freediving Champion Trains German Special Forces Soldiers

German Free diving Champion training Elite special forces soldier to increase their breath hold skills.

[VIDEO] Freediving with Tiger Sharks in 4K

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - Scuba Diving VS Freediving Which is Better?

[PHOTO] Flying High

Welcome to this weeks Photo Of The Week.

Review: TiTAN Freediving Nose Clip

We review the new TiTAN nose clip from UK-based NoTanx

Michael Board, Georgina Miller Named 2017 UK National Freediving Champions

Michael Board and Georgina Miller have been named the 2017 UK National Freediving Champions.

Diving Records: Humans vs. Animals

In the quest for diving records - who comes out on top? Humans or Animals?

Final Report Into Stephen Keenan’s Fatal Dive Completed

Final report into the Stephan Kennan’s fatal dive completed.

Johnny Sunnex Holding Freediving Masterclasses In Dahab

Johnny Sunnex holding free diving masterclasses in Dahab

Freediver Sofia Gomez Uribe Nominated For Colombian Athlete Of The Year

Colombian free diver Sofia Gomez Uribe has been nominated for athlete of the Year
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