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Ambient Breathing Valve Now Available For OTS’ Spectrum Full Face Mask

If you're a fan of Ocean Technology Systems' Spectrum Full Face Mask, a really cool accessory is now available.

HEAD/MARES Comment On Recent Snorkeling Deaths In Hawaii

HEAD/MARES have released test results on Full-Face Masks after a number of recent deaths

OTS Showcases New Spectrum Full Face Mask Accessories At DEMA Show

OTS Showcases New Spectrum Full Face Mask Accessories At DEMA Show

New Adaptive Full-Face Mask Unveiled At DEMA Show 2016

Are you a handicapped scuba diver or know someone who would benefit from a full-face mask with an adaptor that could hook up to another...

Ocean Reef Showcases New Augmented Reality Catalog At DEMA Show 2016

Today I found a booth that is creating BUZZ! From augmented reality to performance and practicality. Let me prepare you if you are in...

Full-Face Masks On Display At DEMA Show

Full-face snorkeling masks were on display under several brands at DEMA Show in Orlando this year.Ocean Reef, Mares and H2O Ninja all had representations...

OTS Introduces New Full-Face Mask, Regulator

Ocean Technology Systems has introduced a new full-face mask, dubbed the "STEALTH," and a new SRG-1 regulator that can be affixed to the STEALTH...
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