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HEAD/MARES Calls On Authorities To Develop Full-Face Snorkeling Mask Safety Standards

In the wake of a spate of deaths of tourists in Hawaii in recent years where the safety of Full-Face Snorkeling Masks was put into question, HEAD/MARES -- one of the manufacturers of full-face masks -- began a series of tests to see if certain masks were safer than others.

Ocean Technology Systems Launches New Website

Ocean Technology Systems recently announced that the company's new website has officially launched.

Ambient Breathing Valve Now Available For OTS’ Spectrum Full Face Mask

If you're a fan of Ocean Technology Systems' Spectrum Full Face Mask, a really cool accessory is now available.

HEAD/MARES Comment On Recent Snorkeling Deaths In Hawaii

HEAD/MARES have released test results on Full-Face Masks after a number of recent deaths

OTS Showcases New Spectrum Full Face Mask Accessories At DEMA Show

OTS Showcases New Spectrum Full Face Mask Accessories At DEMA Show

New Adaptive Full-Face Mask Unveiled At DEMA Show 2016

Are you a handicapped scuba diver or know someone who would benefit from a full-face mask with an adaptor that could hook up to another...

Ocean Reef Showcases New Augmented Reality Catalog At DEMA Show 2016

Today I found a booth that is creating BUZZ! From augmented reality to performance and practicality. Let me prepare you if you are in...

Full-Face Masks On Display At DEMA Show

Full-face snorkeling masks were on display under several brands at DEMA Show in Orlando this year. Ocean Reef, Mares and H2O Ninja all had representations...

OTS Introduces New Full-Face Mask, Regulator

Ocean Technology Systems has introduced a new full-face mask, dubbed the "STEALTH," and a new SRG-1 regulator that can be affixed to the STEALTH...
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