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AIDA Depth World Championships 2019: Day 6 – Molchanov Takes Gold...

Calmer weather on the penultimate day of competition at the AIDA Depth World Championships in France

AIDA Jury Reinstate Gold For Hanako Hirose

The drama continues around the controversial Constant Weight dive by Hanako Hirose

AIDA Depth World Championships 2019: Day 5 – Colourful Cards, National...

The drama ramps up as we enter day 5 of AIDA Depth Freediving World Championships - Women’s and Men’s Constant Weight (CWT) discipline

Infinity Depth Games IV Starts Today

The Infinity Depth Games of Cyprus are kicking off today!

Hanako Hirose Breaks Constant Weight World Record In Breathtaking Dive At...

Hanako Hirose has grabbed the current Constant Weight World Record at the OriginECN Vertical Blue competition.

Alenka Artnik Dives 105m To Share Current Constant Weight Freediving World...

Alenka Artnik has equaled the women's Constant Weight (CWT) freediving world record by diving 105m at the OriginECN Vertical Blue competition.

Fin. Glide. Swim. The Most Powerful Women in Freediving In 2018

The competitive field in women's freediving has never been so exciting. On Women's Dive Day 2018 we take a close look at some of the top contenders

Hanako Hirose Grabs Women’s Freediving World Record With 103m Dive

Japanese Freediver Hanako Hirose grabs the women's freediving world record with a 103m dive

#VB2016 – The Japanese Women Are Unstoppable

Day five of Vertical Blue 2016 was spectacular. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better in the Bahamas (after a relatively new...

#VB2016 Day 2 — More Records Fall

Today the wind died down a bit, on Long Island in the Bahamas. The sun was a bit warmer and the sand flies were...

Jeanine Grasmeijer and William Trubridge Grab Gold In Free Immersion At...

The 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships (#aidaworldchampionship) saw athletes competing in the Free Immersion (FIM) discipline on Saturday 19th September with overall gold for...
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