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Incredibly Beautiful Scuba Diving Locations

Journeying beneath the ocean in scuba gear gives humans the opportunity to take in sights that they'd never otherwise have the privilege of seeing,...

Scuba Spearfishing Banned in West Hawaii

Spearfishing whilst Scuba Diving has been banned by the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources after 10 years of discussions and hearings. The...

2 Days, 2 Records, 200 Meters: Kyle Gion Strikes Again

Sunday morning at the Duke Kahanamoku pool at the University of Hawai'i Kyle Gion  delivered another world class performance in the freediving discipline of DYNAMIC...

The Youngest Athlete in US Freediving Sets Record: Kyle Gion

Yesterday on the island of O'ahu at the University of Hawaii Performance Freediving alumnus Kyle Gion set his first US record in the freediving discipline...

Google Maps dives underwater

Google announced at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey the latest updates to their Google Maps product with underwater panoramas.Google partnered with the...

Kona Camp 2012 – Freediving with FII

Freediving Instructors International's Kona Camp offers six unparalleled days of freediving in one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. Join world champion...

On the Future of our Oceans – Part I

An Interview with Jean-Michel Cousteau. Nicolas steals a few candid moments with Jean-Michel.
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