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Meet the Katana 2 With Nick Hollis

We sat down with Nick Hollis to learn more about the much-anticipated sidemount harness, the Katana 2, and some of its key features and design highlights.  

Hollis Unveils Katana 2 Sidemount BCD

Hollis this week unveiled its new Katana 2 sidemount BCD, which features a low-profile, modular and more streamlined and minimalist design.

Hollis’s Prism 2 Rebreather Approved For Sale In Europe

Hollis's Prism 2 Rebreather has been approved for sale in Europe, the company announced last week.

Hollis Prism 2 Back Mounted Counterlung Rebreathers Are Now Available

Are you often looking for new ways to reduce drag and improve your streamlining while diving with a rebreather?

Hollis Introduces New Seeker Reels

Hollis has introduced its new 200-foot/61-meter and 400-foot/122 meter primary reels.

Huish Outdoors Recalls Certain Hollis, Oceanic Regulators

Huish Outdoors is recalling several of its Hollis and Oceanic diaphragm-style regulators that have a new "HP Poppet," warning they could pose a drowning hazard to divers because they could restrict air flow at low tank pressures.

Serious Deep Divers Will Want To Check Out Hollis’ New LED1600...

Hollis has unveiled its new LED1200 canister light.

Hollis Promotes New Features In Their LX Regulator Series

Hollis Promotes New Features In Their LX Regulator Series

Huish Outdoors Buys Oceanic, Hollis Brands From AUP

Some big news coming out of the US this week.  Huish Outdoors LLC announced Monday it had bought the Oceanic and Hollis brands from...

Explorer Sport Rebreather brings divers more intimate interaction with the ocean

Hollis's Explorer rebreather has created a unique place in the market. Tad Masek, Senior Design Engineer for Hollis, told DeeperBlue.com at DEMA Show 2015 this...

Hollis Gear Shipping Convertible Dive Spool

HOLLIS Gear recently announced that it had begun to ship its Convertible Diving Spool. Company President Nick Hollis said the product was based on White...

Hollis Releases New Drysuit Thermal Underwear

Drysuit divers rejoice! Hollis has released a new line of thermal underwear to keep you warm and toasty underwater. Hollis's Advanced Undergarment (AUG) Layering System features...
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