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The Pan Pacific Pool Freediving Championship 2018

The results are in for the 2018 Pan Pacific Pool Freediving Championships, where Kathryn Nevatt of New Zealand reigned supreme.

Alexey Molchonov And Kathryn Nevatt Take Gold In Pan-Pacific Freediving Championships

The first ever Pan Pacific Freediving Championships has finished today in Brisbane, Australia. National Records were abundant across the region for many divers, both veterans...

Achingly Close: Freediving World Record Eludes Kathryn Nevatt

Somtimes you have it, sometimes you don't. Unfortunately for Kiwi freediver Kathryn Nevatt this past week placed her achingly close to achieving a new...

New Zealand Duo Fail in First Freediving Record Bid

New Zealander Freedivers Kathryn Nevatt and David Mullins attempted to break the current World Records in the Freediving discipline of Dynamic Apnea without Fins...

Kathryn Nevatt gains new New Zealand National Record

Kathryn Nevatt has won a new New Zealand National record in Dynamic No-Fins discipline, with a distance of 163m. This magnificent attempt done during the...

New Zealand Freediver to attempt Static Freediving World Record

New Zealander Kathryn Nevatt (nee McPhee), who previously held the Freediving World Record in Dynamic No Fins (DNF) in 2008, has announced that she...

2011 World Freediving Awards

The World Freediving Award is an annual recognition that is awarded to athletes who have participated in AIDA sanctioned competitions. This unique award is based on the...
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