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Date Set For Gourmet ‘A Fishy Affair: Malicious…but Delicious’ Lionfish Dinner

The date for the fourth annual Lionfish dinner hosted by Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation has been announced.

Curacao Aims To Turn Invasive Lionfish Into A Sustainable Industry

Curacao is trying to turn the scourge of invasive lionfish into a sustainable industry.

REEF Partners With Whole Foods On Lionfish Derby Series

REEF.org recently inked a partnership agreement with Whole Foods Market to sponsor the annual Lionfish Derby Series.

Marine Sports Mfg Showcases New ‘Lion Tamer’ Lionfish Containment Tube

Marine Sports Mfg is showcasing a new Lionfish containment tube called the Lion Tamer at this year's DEMA Show in Orlando.

Could Caribbean Lionfish Be A Hybrid Superfish?

Latest genetic research on Caribbean Lionfish discovers that the majority are a hybrid superfish of two different Lionfish species.

Key Largo Lionfish Derby Set For July 29

As part of its 2017 Lionfish Derby Series across the state of Florida, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation will be sponsoring a one-day derby...

Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas To Hold Lionfish Derby Series

Since we're nearly halfway through 2017, and you're wondering how to use any vacation time you've got left before the end of the year,...

Turneffe Island Resort Hosts Weekly Lionfish Hunt Dives

The Turneffe Island Resort, located about 35 miles off the coast of Belize, is offering a weekly Lionfish hunt where guests can spear the...

U.S. Scientists Developing New Lionfish Trap Designs

With the numbers of Lionfish growing quickly in the waters off the Southeastern United States, a variety of solutions have been proposed to help...

Lionfish War: Who is Winning?

Lionfish: A joy to see in their native waters of the Indo-Pacific, a terror in the waters of the Caribbean. This beautiful even majestic...

Go On A Trip To Cuba With Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts

With Cuba now open to U.S. tourists, a lot of dive travel companies have begun offering trip packages to the island nation.One of those...

Key Largo Lionfish Derby Set For September 10

If you're a Lionfish and you frequent the area around John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida, you may want to...

Lionfish Now Invading The Mediterranean Sea

If you thought Lionfish were a problem only off South Florida and the Caribbean, think again.The Mediterranean Sea is the latest area to see...

Whole Foods To Begin Selling Lionfish

With the war against Lionfish heating up off the coast of Florida, looks like at least one grocery chain is getting into the business...
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