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Review: XS Scuba Apnos Freediving Mask

We look at the new freediving mask from XS Scuba - the Apnos

Nose Clips In Freediving

Check out why some freedivers prefer nose clips over traditional freediving masks.

Review Extra: Aqualung Sphera Freediving Mask

We take a look at the Aqualung Sphera: a popular, low-volume freediving mask.

Check Out Oceanic’s New OceanVu Mask

In the market for a new dive mask? Oceanic may have you covered. The company recently introduced a new dive mask, the OceanVu.The OceanVu...

Salvimar Masks – A Concentration Of Technology

Salvimar has already in the past offered masks for freediving and spearfishing, but only this year it has hit the market with three incredible...

The Perfect Scuba Mask

The scuba mask has one small job, create and maintain an air pocket in front of the eyes. Still, a leaking mask is the...

FxDivers New Dive Light And Mask: A Deeper Look.

As our industry grows, and manufacturers design new products to address specific needs of divers, we often review those products.Whether they are designed for...

New Snorkeling Mask Developed

French watersports company Tribord has developed a full-face, all-in-one snorkeling mask.Dubbed the Easybreath, the mask allows the snorkeler to breathe through the nose as...

The Dummies Guide to Spearfishing

So you have decided to join the ranks of those who spear for their own supper! DeeperBlue.com Forum Mentor "Miles" gives some of his experience to newbie spearos.
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