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Master Liveaboards Announces New Vessel And Route

Mater Liveaboards announces a new vessel the Solomon PNG Master, and a new route.

Master Liveaboards To Begin Trips To Bikini Atoll In 2018

Has diving the sunken aircraft carrier USS Saratoga off Bikini Atoll ever been on your bucket list?Well, Master Liveaboards is now offering trips to...

Master Liveaboards Offering Truk Lagoon Trips

Are you a World War 2 history buff? Is diving the wrecks of Truk (also known as Chuuk) Lagoon in the South Pacific on...

Galapagos Master Takes Maiden Cruise

Worldwide Dive and Sail recently completed the maiden cruise of the completely refurbished and refitted M/V Galapagos Master liveaboard ship.In November 2014, Worldwide Dive...
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