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Portable Underwater ‘Tent’ Gains Patent Recognition

A portable, underwater "tent" concept designed to give divers more bottom time while protecting them from the bends was recently awarded a U.S. patent.

National Geographic To Donate 1,000 Underwater Drones For Ocean Exploration

National Geographic announced this week it has partnered with underwater drone company OpenROV to launch the Science Exploration Education (S.E.E.) Initiative, a pioneering effort to explore the ocean.

Nat Geo Releases Footage Of A Great White Taking A Camera...

Great White shark takes a research camera for a wild ride.

Scientists Discover Mediterranean Red Coral Garden In Underwater Cave

Over the past few years, we've been hearing and reading about how corals in the Mediterranean Sea are dying off due to human activities...

National Geographic Announces Nature Photographer of the Year Winners

Greg Lecoeur’s photo of Cape Gannets, sardines and dolphins has won the grand prize of National Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year contest.Scott Portelli’s...

‘Shipwreck Hunter’ Sounds Like A Really Cool Job, Huh?

If you're a recreational diver, how many times have you sat at your desk in school or at work and dreamed of being a...

Video: James Cameron from Mariana Trench Released

James Cameron has released footage from his historic 11km/7mile dive to the deepest point in the oceans - the Mariana Trench.“My feeling was one...

James Cameron reaches Mariana Trench

James Cameron has reached the deepest point in the ocean, the Mariana Trench, nearly 11km/7miles down using his custom made submarine "Deepsea Challenger".  He...

James Cameron to Dive the Mariana Trench

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and filmmaker James Cameron has announced he will soon operate a one-man submarine seven miles deep to the Pacific's Mariana Trench,...

DEMA Show 2010: Day 4

DEMA Show 2010 in Las Vegas continues into the last day. Check out Day 4 coverage from the DeeperBlue.com Team

DEMA Show 2009: Day 2

The DeeperBlue.com DEMA 2009 coverage team file their Day 2 report from the show floor in Orlando.
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