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‘Galapagos Evolution’ Documentary Now Available For Download

'Galapagos Evolution' Documentary Now Available For Download

Blue Planet II Shows Footage Of Pilot Whale Mother Refusing To...

Blue Planet II shows distressing footage of a pilot whale mother refusing to leave the side of her dead calf.

Joel Romeiro Indulges In Some Shark Dentistry

Shark Advocate Joel Romeiro performs some adhoc dentistry on a great hammerhead.

UN Wildlife Treaty Produces Good Results For Sharks And Rays

Project AWARE reports on the result of the 12th Conservation of Migratory Species conference

Meet The Scientist Trying To Save Middle Eastern Sharks

Lebanese scientist Rima Jabado seeks to save the sharks of the Middle East

Virgin’s Richard Branson Calls For Plastic Deposit Refund System

Billionaire Richard Branson is calling for the establishment of "deposit refund systems" to help stem the flow of plastic into the earth's oceans.

PADI, Mission Blue Leaders Discuss Divers’ Critical Role In Ocean Conservation

PADI and Mission Blue partnered this past June to ignite support for marine areas in a network targeted for enhanced protection.

Project AWARE Campaigning For Shortfin Mako Shark Catch Limits

Project AWARE is at DEMA Show 2017 campaigning for Shortfin Mako Shark catch limits

Single or not, You can MERY the Ocean

Blue Ring Initiative highlighted at DEMA Show 2017

Huge Plastic Rubbish Island Found Floating Off Roatan

Shocking images taken off Roatan, show an island of floating plastic polluting our oceans

Scuba Diver Citizen Scientists Shine Light On The State Of Our...

Citizen scientists shine a light on the changing state of our reefs

Expanded Marine Reserve Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast Could Be Boon To...

Expanded Revillagigedo Marine Reserve Could Be Boon To Dive Tourism

Rob Stewart Memorialized in Toronto Mural

Rob Stewart Memorialized in Toronto Mural

Thailand To Introduce Smoking Ban On 20 Beaches

Thailand has banned smoking on 20 of it’s most popular beaches.
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