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Author Carl Safina Talks Ocean Conservation In Disruptors.fm Interview

Disruptors.fm recently aired a fascinating interview with award-winning nature author and conservationist Carl Safina.

Hong Kong’s Blue Ocean Club Conducted Six Dive Against Debris Surveys...

Hong Kong's Blue Ocean Club was quite active last year, conducting six Project AWARE Dive Against Debris surveys at their local dive sites.

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s ‘Blue Beacon Series’ Set For Baltimore And...

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation inaugurated its Blue Beacon Series of lectures and panels last month, and the foundation has plans to hold its next events in Baltimore, Maryland and Detroit, Michigan this year.

Coral Disease Outbreak Hits Florida Reef

Divers urged to decontaminate their gear to combat the outbreak of coral disease on Florida’s reefs.

The DeeperBlue.com Top Stories of 2018

As we come to the end of the year we have gone back into the archives for the year and drawn out the top post for each month in 2018. 

VIP Diving Bonaire Releases Sustainability Video

VIP Diving Bonaire has released an impressive video of its sustainability efforts.

Fins Attached Announces A New Shark, Rays Marine Biology Course

Fins Attached has teamed up with Dr. Peter Klimley to teach a new marine biology course focused on sharks and rays.

Would Setting Up A ‘Global Fund’ Help Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution?

With plastic pollution in the world's oceans getting more and more dire with each passing year, some economic researchers are wondering whether it would be worth setting up some kind of "global fund" to help developing countries pay the cost of improving their waste management systems.

Study: Corals May Have Engaged In ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ Warming...

While 2016 saw a sizeable number of corals in Australia's Great Barrier Reef die off due to higher ocean temperatures, other corals in that same ecosystem survived, and scientists now think they have a handle on why.

Fourth Element Unveils ‘Gulper’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Fourth Element recently introduced its "Gulper" stainless steel water bottle.

Discover American Samoa With NOAA Podcast Episode 22

Episode 22 of the NOAA podcast covering American Samoa is now out.

New Study: Every Sea Turtle Has Microplastics In Its Stomach

A new study found microplastics in the gut of every turtle studied in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean.

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Seeking Your Support

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is looking for donations to support its whale disentanglement work.

Seas The Day: Photographers Unite In Support Of Shark Charity

Twelve of the world's most celebrated underwater photographers have been united in support of Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation, a UK charity, and each donated an image and commentary to create a stunning 2019 calendar.
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