Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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How We Are Helping: Paralenz

The folks at Paralenz have compiled four practical tips on what you as a diver can do to keep yourself fit and healthy while being stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Paralenz Launches New Brand, Mission

Paralenz this week launched a new brand identity and a number of new partnerships. The change comes with a strong focus on the harmony of diving and the importance of sharing dives for a greater good.

Paralenz Unveils Updated Dive Log App

The folks at Paralenz have unveiled an updated dive log app that makes it much easier to share your experiences with your friends and family, at the surface or online.

Underwater Photography Tips

Simply Scuba have teamed up with diving camera specialists Paralenz to bring you the top tips on how to take amazing underwater photography

Paralenz: Making The Best Dive Camera Even Better And Launching Paralenz World

Paralenz has improved upon what was already a near perfect product, by increasing it's depth rating to 250m, adding titanium components to avoid rust and offering a user friendly maintenance kit.




Raising the USS Monitor with Navy Diver Bobbie Scholley, and New Freediving Records Under COVID-19

The DeeperBlue Podcast Episode 14: Raising the USS Monitor with Navy Diver Bobbie Scholley, and New Freediving Records Under COVID-19

Enslaved: Bringing Stories Of The Slave Trade From The Bottom of the Ocean

We talk to the dive team behind the new six-part series "Enslaved" that brings to light some of the untold stories of the Transatlantic slave trade

AWARE Week Is Underway

The third annual AWARE Week -- organized by PADI and Project AWARE -- is underway this week to empower people everywhere to carry the torch for ocean protection.

Blue Wild 2020 Show Canceled

This year's Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo scheduled for November in Palm Beach, Florida has been officially canceled.

Neptonics Announces Its New Speargun Butt

Neptonics has announced the introduction of a new speargun butt.


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