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Caribbean Cup Day 5: The Battle Is Not Just Among The...

It's hard to say that a freediving day boasting four national records was uneventful but the tone has changed here at the 2016 Caribbean...

Caribbean Cup Day 4: One Down, Two To Go

With half of the 2016 Caribbean Cup behind us and day four under the bridge it's time to start talking strategy.  The ladies are...

Caribbean Cup Day 2: Redemption Day

If the word of the day was "anxious" on day one, day two was summarized by "redemption".  Davide Carrera of Italy shook off the...

Impressive First Day As Caribbean Cup 2016 Gets Underway

What other freediving competition starts with a booty shaking challenge from the island’s native Garifuna population?  What other freediving competition boasts athletes haughty enough...
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