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10 Must-Follow Freediver Instagram Accounts For 2020

Check out these 10 instagram accounts for a more freediver-friendly feed.

Getting Deep With ‘Ocean Metaphor’

Ocean Metaphor: Unexpected Life Lessons from the Sea encourages readers to reflect on the humanity of the ocean.

Vivid-Pix Figured Out How To Get The Best Out Of Your...

Ever come home from a scuba vacation but you're ticked off that a lot of the photos you took -- above or below the...

In Pictures: Freedive Paradise 2015

Local Hawaiian photographer Mike Hong captured some stunning images from last weekend's Freedive Paradise depth competition. Check out a gallery of selects here and...

Unique Underwater Photo Exhibition Launches At Nemo33

Belgian Freediver and Underwater Photographer Fred Buyle has launched a truly unique exhibition of his beautiful Underwater Photography at Nemo33. Opened on the 19th February...

New Freediving Desktop Images Released

Freediving Photographer, Cameraman and Conservationist Fred Buyle has released his annual images formatted to look great on your Mac or PC Desktop. You download the...
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