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Ninety-Nine Percent Of Plastic In World’s Oceans Isn’t Even Seen

The overwhelming majority of the 8 million tons' worth of plastics that annually fill the world's oceans can't even be measured by scientists.

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Reduce Plastic Waste In The Ocean

Two lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives recently introduced legislation that aims to reduce marine debris and plastic waste in the ocean.

Oceana Honors Activist, Actress Diane Lane

Environmental group Oceana this week honored Oscar-nominated actress and activist Diane Lane at a gala dinner in New York City.

REMINDER: International Coastal Cleanup Day Is Rapidly Approaching!

The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) day is coming up later this month.

‘AWARE Week’ Returns This September

The second-annual "AWARE Week" to promote ocean conservation and protection will take place September 14-22, PADI and Project AWARE have announced.

New Video On The Threat Of Microplastics To Whale Sharks Released

The first part of "Microplastics: A Macro Disaster," a documentary video series on the effects of microplastics on whale sharks in the Maldives and supported by the Save Our Seas Foundation has been released.

Freediver Goran Colak Featured In Plastic Pollution Video

In celebration of World Oceans Day, Croatian freediving champion Goran Colak was featured in a video with his country's Green Sail organization highlighting the problem of microplastics in the Adriatic Sea.

No Matter How Deep You Dive, You’re Likely To Find Plastic...

You'd think that 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) below the surface of the ocean you'd find a place free of all traces that humans exist, but a really, really rich guy disproved that theory this week.

Vietnamese Artist’s ‘Strawpocalypse’ Installation Highlights Plastic Pollution

Vietnamese artist Von Wong's latest project involved six months of work, hundreds of volunteers and 168,000 plastic straws.

A Group Of Global Companies Has Launched An Alliance To End...

An alliance of global companies from the plastics and consumer goods value chain recently launched a new organization to work toward eliminating plastic waste in the environment, particularly in the ocean.

Would Setting Up A ‘Global Fund’ Help Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution?

With plastic pollution in the world's oceans getting more and more dire with each passing year, some economic researchers are wondering whether it would be worth setting up some kind of "global fund" to help developing countries pay the cost of improving their waste management systems.

New Study: Every Sea Turtle Has Microplastics In Its Stomach

A new study found microplastics in the gut of every turtle studied in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean.

BSAC Steps Up Its Campaign Against Single-Use Plastic

The British Sub-Aqua Club is aiming to eliminate single-use bottles and cups from all its regional and national centers.

Help Get Rid Of Plastic Straws With The FinalStraw

There's a new crowdfunding campaign going on right now for the FinalStraw, a collapsible, reusable straw that comes with a case that fits in your pocket and clips right to your keychain.
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