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‘If Only…’ Dive Documentary to Premiere At TekDiveUSA In April

A documentary about the death of a technical diver is slated to premiere at TekDiveUSA in Orlando, Florida this coming April.

Liberty Rebreather Summit In Italy A Great Success

The recent Liberty rebreather summit in Italy was a great success.

Hollis’s Prism 2 Rebreather Approved For Sale In Europe

Hollis's Prism 2 Rebreather has been approved for sale in Europe, the company announced last week.

JFD Unveils Dual-Mode Bite Mouthpiece For Stealth Rebreathers

If you're a technical diver or rebreather diver, JFD recently unveiled a safety upgrade to its Stealth rebreathers range that could eventually make its way to the recreational dive market.

Hollis Prism 2 Back Mounted Counterlung Rebreathers Are Now Available

Are you often looking for new ways to reduce drag and improve your streamlining while diving with a rebreather?

In the Shadow of Giants: A Rebreather Try Dive at the...

Try closed-circuit rebreather diving and make friends with whale sharks and mantas, the Gentle Giants of the Ocean Voyager tank at the Georgia Aquarium.

RTC And RESA Agree On Rebreather Training Standards

The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) and the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) have come to an initial agreement on consensus rebreather training standards.

Trimix Dives To Deep Sites Off Cocos Island Announced

Are you an experienced rebreather/trimix diver with a hankering to check out deep dive sites off Costa Rica's Cocos Island?

Innerspace 2019 To Be Hosted By Divetech Little Cayman

The dates and prices for the 2019 Innerspace rebreather event on Little Cayman have been announced.

Poseidon Diving Systems’ Newest Back-Mounted Rebreather BC Is Ready For Its...

Poseidon Diving Systems' Newest Back-Mounted Rebreather BC Is Ready For Its Debut 

‘Oxygen Measurement For Divers’ – A Great New Reference For Rebreather...

Oxygen sensors, like sharks, have suffered from some bad PR. There's quite a lot of myths and misinformation available at the touch of the...

DiveTech Offering Seven-Day Trimix Dive Trip To The 12-Mile Bank In...

If you're a recreational trimix/rebreather diver and are looking for a challenge, DiveTech is offering a chance to go with a small group to...

If You Want To Attend DiveTech’s 2017 ‘Innerspace’ Rebreather Event, You...

If you can't get enough of diving with a closed-circuit rebreather rig and want to meet other like-minded souls, a really good place to...

Poseidon’s M28 Dive Computer To Go On Sale In May

In the market for a top-of-the-line dive computer to go along with your rebreather rig? Well, Poseidon USA may have you covered. The company's latest...
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