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Check Out Howard Rosenstein’s ‘A Diving Life’ Red Sea Presentation

Howard Rosenstein, founder of Fantasea Line, has been conducting a series of webinars during the COVID-19 pandemic, and his next one will be about the Red Sea.

Caladan Oceanic Conduct Expedition To Deepest Part Of the Red Sea

Caladan Oceanic has conducted an expedition to the deepest points of the Red Sea.

Egypt Adopts Environmental Standards To Protect Its Coral Reefs

The Reef-World Foundation and Egyptian Chamber of Diving & Watersports (CDWS) recently announced that Egypt is adopting Green Fins environmental standards to protect its coral reefs.

Divers Can Once Again Visit Red Sea’s Brother Islands

With a new directive in place by the Egyptian local government, divers can now return to the Brother Islands in the Red Sea.

Emperor Divers Sharm El Sheikh Reopens For Business

Emperor Divers Sharm El Sheikh has reopened for business.

Blue O Two, Tekstreme Announce New Red Sea Tech Safaris For...

Blue O Two and Tekstreme team up for some great Red Sea technical diving itineraries in 2018

Dive Cousteau’s ‘Conshelf 2’ Underwater Site

Live in the U.K. and tired of that whole Brexit brouhaha and would just rather go diving? Ever had a dream of diving the site...

Who Wouldn’t Wanna See Pharaonic Statues Underwater?

Ever wanted to dive the Red Sea and visit an artificial reef made up of pharaonic replica statues? Well, looks like some Egyptian environmentalists are...

Travel Blogger Justin Carmack Wants To Dive 100 Best Dive Sites...

Ever wanted to travel the world and dive the coolest places? Well, professional travel blogger Justin Carmack has set a goal of diving the 100...

Dolphins And The Go Freediving Southern Red Sea Liveaboard

I was really thrilled when Go Freediving's Founder and Head Instructor - Emma Farrell - announced that the next Go Freediving liveaboard would be...

Pelagic Magic On The Red Sea Aggressor

After a ten-year hiatus, the Aggressor Fleet is back in the Egyptian Red Sea. Sport Diver Editor Mark Evans joined the vessel for a trip out to the Brothers, Daedalous and Elphinstone - and was not disappointed

Blue O Two Provides Update On Shipboard Electrical Fire

Liveaboard dive operator blue o two has provided an update on the electrical fire suffered on board one of its Red Sea ships: On Monday...

Emma Farrell teams up with Scuba Travel for Freediving Liveaboard Holidays

Emma Farrell - one of the world's leading Freediving Instructors, author of the stunning book One Breath and DeeperBlue.com contributor has teamed up with...

AIDA Red Sea Freediving World Cup

Freediving Club Greece and Only One Apnea Center have teamed up to host the 2012 AIDA Red Sea Freediving World Cup. Based at the Only...