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Dol-Fin Monofins Review – Part 3 & Conclusions

Check Out The Whole Review: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3This is the final installment of the three part review of the...

Dol-Fin Monfins Review – Part 2

Check Out The Whole Review: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3This is part 2 of the three part review of the Dol-Fin...

Dol-Fin Monofins Review – Introduction

Check Out The Whole Review: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3This review of the Dol-Fin Monofin by Smith Aerospace is written from...

Scuba Renaissance With The New Oceanic Omega 3.0 Regulator

It smells like salt, it smells like home. The Mediterranean Sea that dances around the coast forming many "Calanques" (coves) near Marseilles is the...

AIDA International Announce Antero Joki to Lead Nick Mevoli Accident Review

AIDA International, the international Freediving Federation that was ratifying the dives during the recent Suunto Vertical Blue competition, has announced that their Technical Officer...

Freediving Watch Review

Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine have written an interesting review on a range of dive watches designed for freediving.  The brands covered are the Mares Nemo...

Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggles

While watching Ryan Lochte win another Gold medal at The London Olympics two thoughts kept crossing my mind; 1. Why isn't freediving an Olympic...

Review: One Breath

Kelli Roderick debuts with a review of the one book stirring the FreeDiving world.

Talbot Dolphins and Orcas DVD Review

Bob Talbot's new release on DVD gets a thumbs-up from DeeperBlue.net's resident filmmaker Emma Farrell.
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