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CMAS Freediving World Championships Resumes Today

The CMAS competition has resumed after safety concerns have been addressed

Second Day of CMAS World Championships Canceled Due To Continuing Safety...

There is growing concern over safety at the World Championships

CMAS World Championships Delayed for Safety Issues

Safety issues exposed at CMAS freediving Championships in Kas, Turkey

Distracted Diving and Task Overload

You can be distracted on any dive, we take a look at task overloading

Guide To Freediving Safety Lanyards

How to decide which freediving lanyard to buy and where on your body to place it.

The Importance Of Lanyards For Freediving

Learn how essential freediving lanyards are for safety, and why they should be one of your first equipment purchases.

Risks Associated With Lung Packing In Freediving

To pack or not to pack? Learn the risks of lung packing before deciding for yourself.

How Dangerous Is Freediving?

The media often portrays freediving as a dangerous, extreme, adrenaline-inducing sport. But is it really?

Risks Of Solo Freediving

Solo freediving: why freedivers choose to dive alone and the dangers they face.

DAN at DEMA 2017

DAN is committed to diver safety through Protection, Prevention and Management.

Peer Pressure: It Is Not Just For Kids

We all like to be a part of a group, it is human nature. What happens when peer pressure takes over on a dive?

How Safe is My Scuba Diving Friend While Diving

Okay a show of hands, how many of you divers have heard the following from a friend or relative? "Oh My God, you are going...

What Is Hyperventilation And Why Is It Such A Bad Idea?

Hyperventilation is any form of conscious or sub-conscious over-breathing. This means breathing more than the body needs for what it is trying to do....

10 Things Scuba Divers Need to Know

Regardless of a diver’s experience, skill, confidence and level of qualification, there are certain things that every diver should remember. This is important not...
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