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Why Dive Computers Are Essential For Freedivers

Learn why a dive computer is a necessary piece of equipment for freedivers

Review Extra: Freediving Planet EVO5 Lanyard

We take a look at the EVO5 Lanyard by Freediving Planet

How To Prevent Lung Injuries While Freediving

Learn how to prevent lung squeezes at depth while freediving

Why You Should Learn Freediving From A Certified Instructor

Learn the benefits of obtaining your freediving education from a certified professional.

How Drinking Alcohol Affects The Freediver’s Body

Learn the effects drinking alcohol has on the freediver's body.

10 Ways To Find A Freediving Buddy

Discover the different ways to find your next freediving training buddy.

Guide To Fun Diving For Freedivers

Are you curious about putting your freediving skills to recreational use? Check out our guide on how to stay safe while exploring reefs around the world.

Safety In Your Freediving Training Sessions

Learn how to incorporate competition-standard safety measures into your own freediving training sessions.

9 Essential Tips For Wreck Freediving

Are you planning on freediving a shipwreck? Check out these 9 helpful tips before you dive in!

CMAS Freediving World Championships Resumes Today

The CMAS competition has resumed after safety concerns have been addressed

Second Day of CMAS World Championships Canceled Due To Continuing Safety...

There is growing concern over safety at the World Championships

CMAS World Championships Delayed for Safety Issues

Safety issues exposed at CMAS freediving Championships in Kas, Turkey

Distracted Diving and Task Overload

You can be distracted on any dive, we take a look at task overloading

Guide To Freediving Safety Lanyards

How to decide which freediving lanyard to buy and where on your body to place it.
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