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You Can Now Buy Shipwreck Jewelry From Blue Water Ventures

Blue Water Ventures International recently announced the launch of its internationally branded line of jewelry with Canada's SponsorsOne and their U.S. subsidiary, Sponsors One Media.

Review: Le Feet Underwater Scooter

We review the lightweight underwater scooter S1 by Le Feet

Underwater Museum Of Art Nominated For USA TODAY Travel Award

The Underwater Museum of Art in Florida has been nominated for USA TODAY's "Best New Attraction to open in 2018" award.

Seasoft Scuba Gear Fined For Illegally Dumping Lead And Arsenic

The Washington State Department of Ecology recently announced it has fined Seasoft Scuba Gear Inc. US$197,000 (~173,734 Euros) for allegedly dumping hazardous waste containing lead and arsenic down the toilet, into a storm drain and onto the ground.

British Cave Divers Receive Royal Honors

The British cave divers who were involved in rescuing a boys' soccer team in Thailand last summer have been honored by Queen Elizabeth II for their efforts.

Training Agencies Unite To Discuss Adaptive Divers

DEMA recently hosted a training agency panel to discuss the growing community of adaptive divers.

Baltimore DC Dive Show To Feature Prominent Female Divers

The Baltimore Dive Show is set to feature renowned female scuba divers.

The DeeperBlue.com Top Stories of 2018

As we come to the end of the year we have gone back into the archives for the year and drawn out the top post for each month in 2018. 

Bigblue Dive Lights Unveils Its New Website

Bigblue Dive Lights has announced the launch of a new and improved website.

Spare Air Unveils New, Larger Air Cylinder

The wait is finally over: Spare Air is now available in three cylinder sizes -- 1.7 cu.ft (48 liters), 3.0 cu.ft. (85 liters) and 6.0 cu.ft. (170 liters).

Footage of Sunken Norwegian Frigate Released

The Norwegian Navy has released footage of the frigate Helge Ingstad which sank last month.

Underwater Museum To Be Built In Lake Titicaca

An underwater museum is in the works on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca that will house archaeological items found in the lake over the past 10 years.

‘Last Man Diving’ Episode: Scuba vs. Freediving

The latest episode of Stuart Cove's "Last Man Diving" podcast sees a challenge between scuba diving and freediving.

Diverse Travel Grows And Doubles Its Sales Team Size

Diverse Travel has announced an increase in its team size due to the company’s growth.
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