Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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SEA&SEA Unveils Underwater Housing For Nikon’s D500 Camera

Nikon’s latest camera, the D500, has really brought out the competitive juices among companies that make underwater housings. SEA&SEA is the latest one, with its...

Three More Underwater Photographers Added To SEA&SEA’s Alpha Program

SEA&SEA announced recently that it had added three more underwater photographers to the company's Alpha Program. The Alpha Program started in January 2015, when Janice...

SEA&SEA & SeaLife Launch New Products For UnderWater Shutterbugs

SEA&SEA and SeaLife recently announced the availability of some new underwater photography accessories for avid shutterbugs. SEA&SEA has released its newest addition to the company's...

Sea&Sea Introduces New Strobe Dive Camera Light

Sea&Sea has introduced a new strobe light for its line of underwater cameras. The YS-D2 Strobe features an "Audible Confirmation" function, giving the diver through-the-lens...




Fourth Element Unveils New OceanPositive Face Masks

Fourth Element has introduced a new line of protective face masks under its OceanPositive brand that are made in part from lost fishing nets.

How to Accidentally Set a Freediving World Record with Tanya Streeter, and Liveaboard Top Tips with Girls That Scuba Founder Sarah Richards

The 7th episode of the DeeperBlue Podcast is out today including "How to Accidentally Set a Freediving World Record" with Tanya Streeter, and "Liveaboard Top Tips" with Girls That Scuba Founder Sarah Richards

BARE Offering ‘COVID-Safe’ Drysuit Fitting Sessions At Select North American Dive Shops This Weekend

If you live in North America and are in the market for a new drysuit, the folks at BARE are offering what they call "COVID-safe" fitting sessions at select dive shops this coming weekend.

Check Out ‘Bundle,’ The Latest Online Dive Booking Platform

At the hight of the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest online dive booking platform, called “Bundle,” has launched.

Deptherapy Begins Planning For Its 2021 And 2022 Expeditions

Deptherapy has begun its planning for the 2021 calendar of events in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, which has scuppered the 2020 calendar.  


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