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WWF Urges Pacific Tuna Fishing Countries To Stop Oceanic Whitetip Shark...

The World Wildlife Fund is urging countries to adopt new solutions to prevent the potential extinction of the oceanic whitetip shark.

Shark Allies to Florida Lawmakers: Sharks are Friends, Not Food

Want to save some sharks but don't know how? Shark Allies has all the details you need to protect those lovable predators.

More Shark And Ray Species Granted Key Protections at Wildlife Conference

Conservation groups are praising this week's confirmation that all species of Wedgefishes, Giant Guitarfishes, and Mako Sharks will be added to Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

New Guidebook Released On How To Better Protect Sharks And Rays...

A new guidebook evaluating the success and failure of Marine Protected Areas has been released.

Shark Angels Launches Third Oceans Day Auction

Shark Angels, a USA-based non-profit dedicated to protecting sharks worldwide, announced that the organization will launch its third World Oceans Day online auction beginning May 27th and ending June 9th via Charity Auctions Today.

Scientist Tags Shark That Killed U.S. Diver

A scientist based out of California has successfully tagged a shark that is believed to have killed an American scuba diver and seriously injure another in November 2017.

Seas The Day: Photographers Unite In Support Of Shark Charity

Twelve of the world's most celebrated underwater photographers have been united in support of Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation, a UK charity, and each donated an image and commentary to create a stunning 2019 calendar.

Sharks Are My Friends

Diving with sharks is a strong draw for divers. A study of the Florida dive industry by Oceana showed that in 2016, divers spent $221 million for shark encounters. That was just in the state of Florida.

Fins Attached Promotes Shark Conservation At DEMA Show

Fins Attached is a shark conservation organization who also include rays and turtles in their domain.

The Role of Shark Diving in Conservation

Shark diving is a valuable yet underappreciated conservation tool that contributes to the protection of sharks and the ocean in a variety of ways.

Sharks4Kids: Shark Education Around the World

Kids can save sharks. They have a voice and they can make a difference.

Shark Angels Launches World Oceans Day Charity Auction

US charity Shark Angles launches its World Oceans Day auction to help save sharks worldwide.

Turkey Announces Protections For 14 Additional Ray and Shark Species

The Turkish government recently announced it was extending protections for an additional 14 species of rays and sharks.

Top Ways to Help Save Sharks

Here are our top 5 ways to help save sharks
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