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Second Shark Dragger Gets 10-Day Jail Sentence

A judge has sentenced a man involved in the infamous dragging of a shark behind a speedboat two years ago to 10 days in jail.

Why We Should Love Sharks

Diving with sharks is awesome!

[VIDEO] Searching For The Worlds Largest Great White Shark

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - Searching For The Worlds Largest Great White Shark

That Viral Video Of A Huge Great White Shark Has Spurred...

When folks from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration towed a dead whale off a Hawaiian beach earlier this month because it was attracting tiger sharks, no one expected one of the biggest Great White sharks ever recorded to show up.

Sharks Are My Friends

Diving with sharks is a strong draw for divers. A study of the Florida dive industry by Oceana showed that in 2016, divers spent $221 million for shark encounters. That was just in the state of Florida.

Search Is On For Two Individuals Filmed Abusing A Live Shark

Two Florida Men Sought after video of them abusing a live shark goes viral

[VIDEO] My Ocean Soul

This week's video comes from Shark Diver and Conservationist Cristina Zenato.  She's created a personal collection of photos that express her emotion and love of...

Shark Diaries: Freediving With Greatness

Shark Diver and Educator Jillian Morris Brake tells us why she absolutely loves freediving with sharks in her home of the Bahamas

Reunion: An In-Depth Look at the Island’s Shark Attacks

An idyllic island located just south of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Reunion should be a paradise for water-lovers - including surfers, snorkelers and...

Thresher Sharks, It’s All In The Tail

It comes out of the murky dark waters below, it huge and as it turns away you know what it is, you have spotted...

Fascinating Lesser Known Shark Facts

Love them or loathe them, sharks are undoubtedly some of the most fascinating species on the planet. As divers, many of us spend a...

Helping Kids Learn About Sharks – Bringing “Norman the Nurse Shark”...

Bringing an educational kids book to life takes some doing. Author Jillian Morris explains her journey with "Norman The Nurse Shark"

[VIDEO] Braving the Waters of Bimini with Shark Girl

This week's video is another super background piece from CNN's Great Big Story.  This time they chat to Jillian Morris Brake, the Shark Girl...

[VIDEO] Great White Naps for First Time on Camera

This week's video is from Shark Week 2016's "Jaws Of The Deep".  For the first time ever a robotic submersible has captured footage of...
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