Monday, October 19, 2020
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Divers Find Sunken World War II-era U.S. Submarine Off Thailand Coast

Divers believe they have found the final resting place of the USS Grenadier (SS-210), an American submarine that sank off the coast of Thailand during World War II.

British Cave Divers Receive Royal Honors

The British cave divers who were involved in rescuing a boys' soccer team in Thailand last summer have been honored by Queen Elizabeth II for their efforts.

‘United as One’: Erik Brown’s DEMA 2018 Tale Of The Thai Cave Rescue

Canadian national Erik Brown was one of the many cave divers involved in the successful rescue of the 12 Thai boys and their coach who were trapped 4km (2.5 miles) inside a cave in Thailand earlier this year.

PADI To Award First Medal of Valor To Thailand Cave Dive Rescue Experts

PADI has decided to award the dive training agency's first-ever Medal of Valor to the British and Australian cave divers who were instrumental in rescuing a boys' soccer team from a flooded cave in Thailand this past summer.

Thai Boys’ Soccer Team Story To Become A Middle-Grade Book

Thai-American author Christina Soontornvat recently tweeted that the world rights to her as-yet unwritten book, 'All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue Of The Thai Boys' Soccer Team,' had been auctioned to Candlewick Press.

Thai Diver Dies While Delivering Supplies To Trapped Kids

A former Thai Navy diver has died while helping in the effort to rescue a young soccer team and their coach who were trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.

U.K. Cave Divers Helping Search For Thai Kids Stuck In Cave System

Three veteran British cave divers are in Thailand lending their expertise to a rescue operation attempting to find a group of teenage soccer players and their coach stuck in a cave.




National Parks and NOAA Marine Debris Team Up

The National Park System and the NOAA Marine Debris Program have announced a partnership to increase outreach and awareness.

Preserve A Loved One’s Memory With A Reef

You can now remember a lost loved one with a memorial reef in the ocean.

How To Become a Mermaid

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Zen Vibes

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Diverse Travel Adds Croatia To Its Program

Diverse Travel has added Croatia to its 2021 dive holiday destination list.


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