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Thailand To Introduce Smoking Ban On 20 Beaches

Thailand has banned smoking on 20 of it’s most popular beaches.

Ko Samae San – Pattaya’s Best Diving

Discover some hidden gems with our guide to Ko Samae San Island in Thailand

Top 7 Dive Sites Thailand

Thailand totals 198,120 square miles and is the world’s 50th largest country. It is slightly smaller than Yemen and slightly larger than Spain. This...

Thailand Closes Multiple Dive Sites

Thailand is taking some pretty drastic measures to try to help its coral reefs recover from a one-two punch of a more-powerful-than-usual El Niño...

Diving From A Traditional Chinese Junk Liveaboard Should Be On Everyone’s...

If you’re going to spend the money to travel to Thailand for diving, might as well make it memorable by doing some of your...

Travel Blogger Justin Carmack Wants To Dive 100 Best Dive Sites...

Ever wanted to travel the world and dive the coolest places?Well, professional travel blogger Justin Carmack has set a goal of diving the 100...
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