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Valentines Jewels For Divers

Check out our list of top gifts for the special diver in your life on Valentines Day

Top 10 Muck Dives

Muck Diving involves exploring sites with sandy or silty bottoms, in search of the weird and wonderful critters found there. Here are some of our top destinations.

The World’s Best Island-Hopping Dive Destinations

We take a look at 5 of the world’s best island-hopping dive destinations

5 Unique Dive Sites to Add to Your Scuba Bucket List

If you find yourself tiring of your local dive spot check out these bucket list destinations

Top 5 Sites For Mangrove Diving

Mangroves are the unsung heroes of the ocean and a diver’s best friend. We take a look at 5 top spots to dive them.

The Five Best Books for Divers in 2017

With Christmas around the corner, here are our top picks for books for divers

8 Top Tips On How To Extend Your Next Dive

Are you one of those divers that find themselves running out of air faster than everyone else? Do you feel that you spend more...

6 Secret Tips For Buoyancy Control

Buoyancy control is one of the fundamental skills that we learn as scuba diver. Usually the most interesting of sea creatures are found hidden...

12 Top Tips for a Safe (SCUBA) Dive

If you are new to scuba diving, then the question you have or will ask yourself is; ‘Is scuba diving safe?’ Well, scuba diving...
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