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10 Amazing Freediving Facts

Freediving is surrounded in mystery, here are some interesting freediving facts that will get you seeing the sport in a whole new light

Negative Entry Descent

A Negative entry descent might be the only way you can get to some dive sites that have a current. Get down fast is the goal, here are some tips.

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Underwater Photos

Here are 5 tips we recommend to get the most out of your underwater photos

5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Scuba Diving Trip

Keep these 5 tips in mind when planning your next Scuba Diving Vacation

5 Tips for Better Bottom Times

Bottom times, many novice divers feel embarrassed for being the first one to have to surface. Sometimes they are made to feel bad by...

5 Top Reasons Why Sharks Are Good For The Planet

Sharks are magnificent and majestic creatures that rule the oceans. They can either provide an experience of a lifetime for scuba divers or one...

6 Tips for Your First Night Dive

All sorts of travel documentaries will highlight destinations that “Do Not Sleep”. Many destinations are even defined by their nightlife. The reefs you dive...

5 Common Mistakes That Scuba Divers Make And How To Avoid...

As humans, we try to be the best we can be and Scuba Divers are no exception. However, sometimes we forget things or let...

8 Top Tips On How To Extend Your Next Dive

Are you one of those divers that find themselves running out of air faster than everyone else? Do you feel that you spend more...
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