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iPhone Apps for Freedivers

The iPhone helped change the world of mobiles, now check out the App available to help improve your breath hold and freediving skills.

Your First Freediving Course: Resistance Is Futile

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik finally comes up for air - and a hard-earned insight for students of the art.

Nitrox – enriching your bottom time

Staff Writer Christopher Chin writes about the benefits of diving with Enriched Air Nitrox.

The Quiet Man

Contributor Emma Farrell, now an accomplished freediver in her own right and the United Kingdom's most active freediving instructor, pays homage to a quiet man who walked with her in the beginning.

Inside the Head of an Expert Freediver

New Contributor Jennifer Wiley studies what makes an expert an expert, in freediving as in all endeavors.

Worlds 2004: Day 3

Stephan continues his diary from onsite at the AIDA World Championships. Today's training day brings up several challenges and surprises for athletes

Cross-Training for Freedivers: Part I

Contributor Peter Scott surveys the many trails which can lead one to the peak of performance.

The HMS Dolphin Experience

Paul jets to the UK for a long weekend to experience the Submarine Escape Training Tower (SETT) in Portsmouth, England

Dive Training Agencies – Who to train with?

Staff Writer Cem presents a listing of the top dive training agencies in the world and insight into who to train with.
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