Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Tag: Variable Weight

Walid Boudhiaf Sets New Freediving Variable Weight World Record

Tunisian freediver Walid Boudhiaf this past weekend set a new world record in the variable weight (VWT) discipline off Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Behind the Scenes with Carol Schrappe, Continental Record Holder VWT

Carolina Schrappe demonstrates that overcoming failure is the secret to success when it comes to achieving international records and diving to 101 meters beneath the sea.

Carolina Schrappe of Brazil Smashes South America Freediving Record

Today consistent focus, training and dedication paid off for Brazil's premiere mermaid. Carolina Schrappe of Curitiba, from the Brazilian state of Paraná, set a new...

Stavros Kastrinakis Sets Freediving World Record

On Sunday November 1st, the godfather of Greek freediving Stavros Kastrinakis set his own, first World Record in the freediving discipline of Variable...

VIDEO: Nanja van den Broek World Record Dive

On October 18th, Nanja van den Broek of the Netherlands set a new world record in the freediving discipline of Variable Weight (VWT) with...

On Sharks and Sleds — an interview with World Record-Holder William Winram

Several months ago  William Winram set a new world record in the freediving discipline of Variable Weight (VWT) - watch the video of his...

William Winram Sets Freediving World Record in Egypt

Canadian freediver William Winram is on top of the world -- or as the case may be at the bottom of the ocean. Today Mr....

Wind & Waves Foil Annelie Pompe’s World Record Attempt

Yesterday Swedish adventurer Annelie Pompe was set to attempt a Variable Weight deep dive to -130 meters off the coast of Egypt but the...

Annelie Pompe sets sights on Tanya Streeter’s No Limit Freediving Record

Swedish mountaineer and Freediver, Annelie Pompe has announced her intention to break the No Limits (NLT) Women's Sled Record by diving to 161m in...

Freediving World Records fall once again to Russian Dynamos

Freediving World Records fall once again to Russian Dynamos

Tanya Streeter talks at TEDxAustin 2012

Tanya Streeter, the world champion freediver who held the Women's Variable Weight record for almost 7 years, talks to a locally organised TEDx event...

Behind the Scenes of the New Australian Depth Records

Freediver Michael Cheesman takes the title of "Australia's Deepest Man" but misses a hat-trick. Read about his recent national record attempts at Sharm el Sheikh. (Details provided by Michael's inspiring coach, Sara Campbell.)

Quiet Men: Alun George with Umberto Pelizzari

Contributor Alun George meets the freediving legend.