Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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JBL Spearguns Offering 50% Discount On Wetsuits

Itching to get back in the water again once the lockdown ends? The folks at JBL Spearguns are offering a limited-time, 50-percent discount on all of their wetsuits.

Check Out Waterproof Diving International’s Drysuits

As Bjojrne Ehlme, the founder of Waterproof Diving International says, with his company you will get top-of-the line quality, design, and good-fitting suits.

Mermaid Protector Wetsuits are Neoprene-Free and Just as Unique as You Are

Mermaid Protector's neoprene-free suits could save your skin -- but you'd better grab 'em fast before they swim away!

Job Vacancy Now Open At Mermaid Protector

Mermaid Protector has announced that it is looking for a new international accounts manager.

BARE Unveils New Revel And Elate Wetsuits

BARE recently introduced its new Revel and Elate wetsuits for men and women, respectively.

Truli Wetsuits: Truly Designed For Women

Truli Wetsuits is showcasing its women's water wear line at DEMA Show 2018.

Fourth Element Showcases New ‘Ocean Positive’ Products

Fourth Element has forged a reputation for their environmentally conscious products that combine sustainable materials with cutting-edge performance.

Huge Growth In the Demand For Wetsuits Projected By Study

Global demand for wetsuits expected to surge from 2018 to 2028, according to the latest study.

Elios USA Launches New Website launches to bring the best in freediving wetsuit options to all of America.

BARE Launches Ultrawarmth Accessories Collection

BARE has launched its latest line of Ultrawarmth Accessories.

7TILL8 Wetsuits Asking For Input On What To Make Next

The folks at wetsuit company 7TILL8 are challenging themselves to stretch the boundaries of custom.

Spearguns and Wetsuits by Omer

Omer features a new spear gun at DEMA Show 2017 - the Invictus

Beuchat Unveils New Wetsuits At DEMA Show 2016

The folks at French dive equipment company Beuchat were kind enough to give a brief overview of the company's latest spearfishing and freediving  products, specifically a...

Oceaner Showcases Wetsuit Product Line At DEMA Show 2016

Oceaner’s wetsuits have been at the top of the line of freediving wetsuits for a long time. As Oceaner founder and owner Gary Mallender...