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Freediving Documentary Breathe release date set for September 18th 2012

The producer and director of Breathe - the freediving documentary featuring William Trubridge has announced that the indie film will be released on DVD...

Trubridge Documentary Available in September 2012

It's taken over a year since it was announced and now the documentary film Breathe by Martin Khodabakhshian (9-Time Emmy Award-winning ESPN producer) will...

[VIDEO] William Trubridge freedives to 120m

Welcome to this weeks Video of the Week!  Our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best of Freediving,...

World’s Absolute Freediver Awards 2011

On May 31 2012, APNEA.cz announced the results of the annual award for the best and the most complete freediving competitors. The World's Absolute...

World record freediver Will Trubridge champions world’s rarest dolphin

World champion Freediver William Trubridge is a New Zealander and feels a special connection with Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins, which live nowhere else.“Hector's Dolphins...

The Votes Are In! People’s Choice Best Freedivers

The votes are in from AIDA nationals around the globe for the Suunto sponsored “Best AIDA” freedivers. Nearly 2000 eligible AIDA freedivers from New...

Vertical Blue Announces an “Open Event” for 2012

Vertical Blue has established itself as one of the world's premiere freediving competitions boasting:        - more records (18 world records and 110 national records at its last four events)        - more...

World`s Absolute Freediver Award 2011

Following on from the success of the World's Absolutely Freediver Award (WAFA) 2010 where Liv Philip (GB) and William Trubridge (NZ) were crowned absolute...

Top 10 Freediving Videos

Freediving videos have started gaining popularity on sites such as YouTube for a few years now.  Some have even seen explosive growth into the...

Diver on a leash?

World Champion William Trubridge offers his point of view on why he believes competitive freedivers should not be tethered to depth lines via a lanyard and how the counterballast system could be incorporated into certain events.

The Day of the Hectometer

On December 13th, 2010 William Trubridge became the first human to successfully complete a constant no fins dive to 100 meters -- an astounding depth of one hectometer unassisted. Trubridge's world record 100m CNF dive is also his 13th world record. Read on as the champion freediver regales us with his own personal briefing of events leading up to Project Hector.

DEMA 2008: Day 4 Coverage

DEMA 2008 day 4 and more exciting news coming to you from the DEMA Show Floor.

Vertical Blue 2008 – The Blue Hole is Alive with the...

More reporting from Vertical Blue 2008 from Peter Scott. This time an in depth look at two of the competition's rising stars.

Vertical Blue 2008 – It's Happening Beneath the Surface – Part...

Peter Scott on location with updates and behind the scenes reporting on the Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.
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