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Interview: Arthur Guerin-Boeri, The First Person To 300m

Frenchman Arthur Guerin-Boeri recently competed in the 9th CMAS Apnea Indoor World Championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro in Italy and set Freediving history with an...

Freediving World Champ Alexey Molchanov in His Own Words

"Today was an interesting day. My very first "World Champion" title!" exclaimed Alexey Molchanov on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 - the day that 26...

Guillaume Néry Sets New Freediving Record for France

Guillaume Néry has done it again. Just this past week, the leader of the "French Mafia" set a new national record (NR) for France under...

Tanya Streeter talks at TEDxAustin 2012

Tanya Streeter, the world champion freediver who held the Women's Variable Weight record for almost 7 years, talks to a locally organised TEDx event...

Goran Colak Wins Fazza Freediving Championship 2012

Reporting live from the Sheikh bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Complex, Divas In Dubai has announced the final results from the 2012 Fazza Freediving...

Guillaume Néry Tells the Story of Water for Sportlife

The Sportlife campaign has created a documentary saga about three elements in nature: water, ice and snow.The story of the element water is told by world champion freediver...

Sara Campbell Goes “Boldly” on BBC

Reporting for the BBC doctor Kevin Fong sets out to discover how unsuited human biology is to living on much of the planet -...

Diver on a leash?

World Champion William Trubridge offers his point of view on why he believes competitive freedivers should not be tethered to depth lines via a lanyard and how the counterballast system could be incorporated into certain events.

Quiet Men: Alun George with Umberto Pelizzari

Contributor Alun George meets the freediving legend.
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