Monday, November 30, 2020
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Freediving Champions Attend Launch Event For 2019 AIDA World Championships

Freediving competitors, set your calendars! The 2019 AIDA World Freediving Championships will be held in the waters off Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France next September.

2016 AIDA Freediving World Championship Venues Announced

AIDA International, the Freediving Federation, have finalized the 2016 World Championship calendar and have announced that Finland and Kalamata (Greece) have been selected as...

First CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships Start Today

The first CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships has finally started with the Constant Weight With Fins (CWT) discipline. Croatian Freediver Goran Colak has declared the...

13 Countries Registered For First CMAS Depth Freediving World Championships

The first CMAS organized depth competition organized in recent history - The Apnea Outdoor World Championships - has confirmed that 13 countries are currently...

CMAS To Organize Their First Apnea Outdoor World Championships

CMAS, one of the world's largest diving federations, has decided to organize it's first depth competition called the Apnea Outdoor World Championships.  The competition...

AIDA 2013 Individual Depth World Championships

Let the games begin! Athletes from around the world have descended upon Kalamata, Greece to train for the AIDA 2013 Individual World Championships. Event...

Final results of the 2012 AIDA Freediving World Championships in Nice

The 2012 AIDA Team Freediving World Championships have come to a conclusion in Nice, France with strong performances and 13 national records. This year AIDA...