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University Releases Stunning 3D Images Of SS Thistlegorm

Nottingham University creates stunning 3D images of the wreck of SS Thistlegorm

WWI U-Boat Found Off The Coast Of Belgium

Relatively intact wreck of WWI U-boat has been located off the coast of Belgium

Blue O Two, Tekstreme Announce New Red Sea Tech Safaris For...

Blue O Two and Tekstreme team up for some great Red Sea technical diving itineraries in 2018

Check Out The Newest Wrecks Off North Bimini

If you’re a wreck diving aficionado, you might wanna check out the newest ones off North Bimini in the Bahamas.Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center...

Five of North Carolina’s Best Wreck Dives

Discover five of the best wreck dives in North Carolina, including Graveyard of the Atlantic favorites like U-352, Caribsea, and Papoose.

The SMS Cormoran II: A Dead Ship – A Place In...

For the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the German warship SMS Cormoran II, we take a look at diving this Guam wreck.

Gear Up for Wreck Diving

Wreck penetrations are one of the few underwater recreational activities that additional certification is needed. The overhead environment adds an additional level of risk...

Divers pay hefty fines for looting Scapa Flow shipwrecks

Word to the wise: Don't try making off with pieces from sunken warships in a historical underwater site. It'll cost you a good chunk...

6 Essential Tips for Wreck Diving

For most scuba divers, wreck diving is always an incredible experience, providing a huge adrenaline rush. It is even more of an amazing opportunity...
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