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Learn How To Be A PADI Mindful Diver In Bonaire

The new PADI Mindful Diver specialty is only available on the island of Bonaire.

Join Sara Campbell For A Week Of Yoga And Swimming With...

Champion Freediver Sara Campbell is offering a week of yoga and swimming with dolphins.

Bali-Based Ocean Soul Retreat Now Offering Freediving & Yoga Packages

Bali-Based Ocean Soul Retreat is now offering freediving and yoga packages on a liveaboard in Komodo National Park.

Why Uddiyana Bandha Is A Game-Changer For Freedivers

Find out why Uddiyana Bandha can help freedivers with equalization, increasing depth, and protecting them against injuries.

7 Key Yoga Poses For An Effective Freediving Stretching Routine

Want to take your freediving stretching routine to the next level? These yoga poses will enhance your flexibility and strengthen key muscle groups.

Review: Pre-Dive Preparation – Yoga for Freediving

We review the final chapter of Sara Campbell's Yoga for Freediving Course - Pre-Dive Preparation

Review: Success and Failure: Yoga for Freediving Course

We take a look and review the fifth course in the Yoga for Freediving series by Sara Campbell

Review: Training and Performance: Yoga for Freediving Course

"This is what freediving is really about; it is a process of looking inside ourselves and, when we meet the challenges and blocks, we have an...

Review: Energy Beyond Breath: Yoga for Freediving Course

"Yoga is just good for you." Kareem Abdul-Jabbar "Freediving is about silence...the silence that comes from within." Jacques Mayol DeeperBlue.com recently returned to our continuing series...

Yoga For Freediving Course – Energy Beyond Breath – Launches

World Champion Freediver, Sara Campbell continues to launch her online series of courses called Yoga for Freediving.  The third course in the series launched...

Review: Manage Your Mind: Yoga for Freediving Course

"I think failure can be actually the biggest teacher...if we always succeed we don't get a chance to get perspective on our goals and...

Yoga For Freediving Course – Manage Your Mind – Launches Today

Following on from her hugely successful Deep Relaxation online course, World Champion Freediver, Sara Campbell is launching her second Yoga for Freediving online course...

Review: “Deep Relaxation” Yoga for Freediving Course

As freedivers, we are always seeking ways to make ourselves better at our sport. Whether one is new to the sport of freediving, a...

First Yoga For Freediving Course – Deep Relaxation – Launches Today

We recently announced that World Champion Freediver, Sara Campbell was launching her new series of Yoga for Freediving online courses.  The day is here for...
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